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Welcome to Mike Harris Wall Cleaning Services, the one-stop solution for all your wall cleaning, pressure washing, and high-access cleaning needs. Our services are designed to restore your property’s exterior to its original lustre, ensuring it always makes a great first impression.

From the careful removal of grime on walls to the high-power precision of pressure washing, and the specialised skill of high-access cleaning, our team is equipped to handle all challenges. With a keen eye for detail, environmentally-friendly practices, and commitment to excellence, we’re here to redefine cleanliness and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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Our Wall Cleaning Services

We take immense pride in our comprehensive wall cleaning services. Over time, walls can accumulate a layer of dust, grime, and algae, detracting from their original charm. Our expert team utilises cutting-edge equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to gently yet effectively cleanse your walls, restoring their pristine condition. We meticulously handle different types of surfaces, including brick, stone, and render, ensuring your walls aren’t just clean, but also protected for the future. Trust in our professionals to give your property a fresh, rejuvenated look it truly deserves.

Wall Cleaning

Over time, exterior walls can accumulate dust, grime, algae and other unwanted residues, dulling their original lustre. Our expert wall cleaning service tackles this problem head-on. Using specialised equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we carefully cleanse your walls, restoring their natural beauty and protecting them from future damage.

High Access Cleaning

Some parts of a building can be particularly challenging to clean due to their height or difficult access. This is where our high access cleaning service comes into play. Our highly trained team is proficient in using advanced equipment and safety harnesses to reach those difficult spots, providing a thorough clean that doesn’t compromise on safety or quality. We go the extra mile so your property can shine from top to bottom.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing service is designed to tackle the toughest exterior cleaning tasks. Whether it’s stubborn stains, built-up grime or algae growth, our high-pressure water jets cut through these challenges, leaving surfaces spotless. We adapt our pressure levels to suit the specific needs of your property, ensuring efficient cleaning without any risk of damage.


Professional Wall Cleaning Services

We offer professional wall cleaning services that embody the highest standards of excellence. Our skilled team utilises advanced equipment, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and meticulous techniques to effectively rejuvenate your property’s exterior. Be it brick, stone, or rendered walls, we are equipped to handle different surfaces with care and precision.

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Wall and High Access Cleaning Testimonials

At Mike Harris Exterior Cleaning Services, we let our work do the talking, and our satisfied customers echo our commitment to excellence. We invite you to read through the testimonials from those who’ve experienced our top-tier wall cleaning, pressure washing, and high access cleaning services firsthand. Their kind words not only reflect the quality of our services but also our dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience. As you make your decision, we hope these reviews offer you valuable insights into the quality of our work and the difference we can make to your property’s exterior.

I'm truly impressed with the wall cleaning service provided by Mike Harris Exterior Cleaning Services. They breathed new life into our ageing brick walls, meticulously removing years of grime and leaving them looking as good as new. Professional, reliable and efficient - I highly recommend them!
Jess C.
The team at Mike Harris Exterior Cleaning did a fantastic job pressure washing our patio and driveway. The difference is night and day. They were thorough, professional, and extremely efficient. Great service and great results - definitely worth it!
Victor G.
High access cleaning can be a scary task, but the professionals at Mike Harris made it look effortless. Their attention to detail and commitment to safety while cleaning the higher parts of our building was commendable. I would definitely engage their services again. Superb job!
Elizabeth T.
We have many 5 star reviews

Wall Cleaning FAQs

To ensure that you are fully informed about our offerings, we have compiled a collection of commonly asked questions and their detailed answers. This section is designed to clarify any uncertainties and to give you a deeper understanding of our services, procedures, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe in transparency and open communication, and we hope that the answers provided here will help you make an informed decision about our services.

What surfaces can your wall cleaning service handle?

Our team is adept at cleaning a wide variety of surfaces including brick, stone, and rendered walls. We utilise different cleaning methods to suit each specific surface.

Does pressure washing damage my exterior surfaces?

No, our team adjusts the pressure levels according to the surface being cleaned, ensuring efficient and safe cleaning without any risk of damage.

What is included in your high access cleaning service?

Our high access cleaning service covers all those hard-to-reach areas of your building, including high walls, windows, roofs, and gutters. We utilise specialised equipment and safety gear to ensure a thorough, safe clean.

Are your cleaning methods environmentally friendly?

Yes, we are committed to using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods wherever possible to minimise our impact on the environment.

How often should I get my exterior walls cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning depends on various factors such as your property’s location, exposure to elements, and the type of surface. However, we generally recommend an annual professional cleaning.

Do you provide commercial cleaning services?

Yes, we offer our wall cleaning, pressure washing, and high access cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties, handling projects of all sizes with equal professionalism and dedication.


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